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Thread: Royal Farming Recruitment

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    Royal Farming Recruitment

    Hello Fellow Farmer!


    I am a regular and active farmer trying to arrange a group of Begginig farmers in my NH(Neighborhood)

    It's fun to be at a place with Neighbours so let's all come at a place as Royal Farmers and I have made the perfect place for that

    Royal Farming,the home of the Royal farmers

    In this Recruitment thread you will find all our simple requirements benefits and other informations..........

    NH Name:Royal Farming
    NH Tag: #9VJPR8PU
    NH Type:Hard-working

    Search by our 'Name or Tag' given above our symbol is of a horse

    Here is our-

    •Requirements in short:-

    →Minimum level of farmer is 10 and 10+
    →Active at least 6 hours daily
    →Try to focus on derbies and become victorious with the neighborhood together

    That's it for the Requirements now let's come to the benefits of joining us


    →You will always find members T o chat with
    →Rewards in derbies if only you participate
    →Trading always done here for more info and questions to ask come for a Chat

    So Farmers bring your Family and Friends to Royal Farming and have fun together

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