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    Quote Originally Posted by gamul1 View Post
    The new ice golem could have been called the ice troll and would have been cooler.

    We have enough trolls around here already..............
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    They should have given the Ice Golem and bring back the Ice Wizard.

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    And while I'm here I would wish to reiterate that the overall game has improved in quality vastly over the past year. There's been so many improvements and it's clear Supercell has worked hard.

    This is a small constructive criticism that I hope is well received not just by the fellow players but by Supercell themselves.

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    I disagree with those saying it is “lazy” to have a new troop be similar to an old one in either appearance or name. It might be a “safe” choice, but it isn’t likely due to being lazy. It is insulting and naive to think the employees at SC couldn’t have come up with a different name and/or look to the edrag, for example, or to similarly say they were too lazy to try to do so. It more likely is an effort to stay consistent. Having several dragons that do different things is more consistent than suddenly some new strange name/appearance. One might say they are taking the safe route, rather than the risky route, but I wouldn’t say it is the lazy route. It also is simply personal preference. I happen to like that there are three types of dragons, rather than naming one of them something totally different.
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    i like the uniqueness in the gameplay of edrag & icegolem however it would hav been better with a new name & a fresh new design art/animation.

    why you ask?

    simply cuz i dont want to see a "mega pekka" or a "giga xbow" in future troop/defense update.
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    my edited posts most likely mean, i miss spelled or miss worded or forgot something.

    speculation is the only thing we can do until anything is official. thats what the forums are for.

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