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Thread: 2018 = great CoC year

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    Completely agree with Op. While sc still make the odd misstep ( I'm not looking forward to only being able to have 1 training potion stored at a time after the update) but overall they have done a great job. Its been a great year for coc and I'm glad they haven't given the builder base much attention this year the main base got lots of love. Keep the main base love flowing SC! Kudos to sc for a great 2018 and to Darian for being a great CM and dealing with our nonsense. He deserves an award.

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    But i thinks Indian clash lose so many player this year .

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    Another year passes by, another year of clouds

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    agree with op, it's been a great clash year, the games took strides forward and changed the game in a positive direction for sure. th12 was massive for the game and i genuinely look forward to seeing and experiencing what's still to come. much love to darian an all the staff at sc 🎄 ( you'll need a shovel if u want to move the tree) lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by RhaegarTargaryen View Post
    If the whole update was just the shovel I woulda been happy.
    .. With 5 previews over a one week period showing the different items you could move with the shovel, of course.

    I would not complain! :-)

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    For me this is the best clash updates year ever.

    The best thing they did is kill engineering in regular wars.

    Second best is CWL, the game was becoming boring, no more.

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