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Thread: Does the Battle Machine get affected by Hero Potion

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    Does the Battle Machine get affected by Hero Potion

    I think that it is well known that the Hero Potion will affect the Main Base Heroes by giving them 5 temporary levels for 1 hour, providing that the extra levels do not exceed the maximum for their Town Hall Level. The question is: will the Battle Machine be affected as well. Also will the regeneration time increase as well?

    I am asking because my Battle Machine is only Level 5 so that his regeneration finishes exactly when the last Army Camp fills. And I am not planning to upgrade him anytime soon until all of my Star Laboratory upgrades finish as well. That is because if I upgrade him, I will have to wait longer for him to get ready for battle which means that I get less loot overall. And since I find quite a lot of losses, I prefer not to risk it and miss whole days of loot.
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    Yes. It was stated that BM will benefit from the hero potion-but I don't know whether the regeneration time will be affected or not.
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    Regeneration time might actually be affected.. No matter sure to 0.01% LOL..
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