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Thread: Is COC A completely different game From past years

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    Is COC A completely different game From past years

    Out of all the updates in COC history wall wrecker and electro dragon completely changed the game Literally no spells required for 50% destruction Wall Wrecker Completely eliminates good base design I'm not here to bash the game I've enjoyed it for the last past 6 years But this isn't the COC I remember anymore I pride myself on making good base designs being a defensive player But I literally believe with this update they are no anti 3 star bases that can be constructed to Deal With The recent updates

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    Core game? No.

    Did we see loads of changes? Yes.
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    Come attack my base. It has never been 3 starred in war.

    But to answer your main question, obviously the game is very different although the goals of advancing one's base, one's clan, one's achievements have stayed the same. There have been many additions over the past year which seem mainly focused on increasing activity, increasing speed of upgrades, and increasing enjoyment rather than making the game a grind. If you miss the old grinding game that takes 4 years to reach max, then you are in the minority. The additions to gameplay with new troop designs and wall wreckers are a logical progression of an evolving game. The game couldn't just stay with barbs and archers the whole time and expect to thrive. I don't know what you would have SC do? make the game slower with less new content? I think not.

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