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Thread: AlMost maxed th9 looking for a clan!

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    Hey man not going to bore you with overloading your comments. We are a chill war clan. We war back to back and like to win but we donít chew heads off for failed attacks. We try and help with strats and improve players. We do ask both attacks to be used but thatís about it.

    Itís a Trap #282L0Q0JQ

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    Mar 2015

    🔹Tag: #J90JLVJV
    🔹 Level: 12
    🔹 Members: 46/50
    🔹 War: Always
    🔹 Record: 240-59
    🔹 Location: United States
    🔹 CWL Leagues: Crystal III

    We are a casual, adult only TH8-TH11 war clan. We only accept non-rushed and non-engineered bases. We are a laid back clan in general, but take war seriously. We are all 3 star minded in war (check our war log). We are happy to support developing new members by teaching them new war attack strategies and helping them practice to perfect the execution of war attacks.

    🔹 Min Townhall: 8
    🔹 Min Heroes:
    🔸 TH8: Maxed TH7 troops and defenses
    🔸 TH9 (no Xbows): Maxed TH8 troops and defenses
    🔸 TH9 (with Xbows): 15/15 heroes, multiple war troops available
    🔸 TH10: 30/30 heroes
    🔸 TH11: 40/40 heroes
    🔹 Language: English
    🔹 Clan Games: We always max


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