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Thread: Town Visitor Orders bug

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    Exclamation Town Visitor Orders bug

    Sometime when I decide to serve one visitor, there are 2 same visitors in the building. Then i check the town hall, i only see one them. And when the order is completed, i can only claim reward from one but not the other at the cost of wasting product for 2 of them. The bug is rare that i'm not usually face it but it's annoying.
    Please take a look and fix it!!!

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    It has been suggested that this glitch occurs if you’re sending visitors to their buildings when in the “arriving” status instead of waiting till the eggspress fully unloads and the are in the “idle” status.

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    In the past when townie arrived and you clicked quickly in him/her you would get whisked to the townie as they got off the train pulling you away from town hall. Now it doesn't do that but allows you to send then to the building they wish to go to but it then clones the townie so you have two both wanting to go to the same building and both will ask for same item, but the cloned townie will vanish and never give you reward.
    So these days you need to go slow when a trainload of townies arrive and make sure their status says idle before you click on them.
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