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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandWarden72 View Post
    Only ST Inferno tower? not enough.

    I say when the siege machine deployed without supported with other troop just to describe how strong siege machine is.

    But in the fact i never do that.

    I can send Wall Wrecker accompanied with a lot of giant, it can distract Inferno tower's attack, if Inferno tower targeting my Siege Machine, simply just use freeze spell.

    Even the Inferno Tower protected by wall, Wall wrecker can destroy it very easy, then inferno tower will destroyed with my other troop (like valkyrie or pekka).

    With Wall Wrecker i don't need jump spell and wb it mean i can save 2 space for spell and some space for wb. Wall Wrecker have a lot of hitpoints, so it can used as a tank like a golem (save 30 housing space), Wall wrecker also have high damage (unlike golem) so i don't need so much wizard to help in destroying defense (save even more space again). Too valuable that's why i say Maxed level Siege Machine is too OP.
    Stop putting the th in the middle. An off center th greatly diminishes the power of the siege machine.

    Also th10 is the new th9

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandWarden72 View Post
    What's the problem?
    There isn't one. Which is why your idea is uneccessary.

    The Main Problem is, because now low th can get a overpowered troop from CC, it's very easy to destroy enemy base. And it will destroy Clan War's gameplay.

    I think we will choice to save Clan Wars than ignore it just to make clan perks look more useful
    I haven't seen the slightest evidence of it being in any way harmful to clan wars, and it has been around now for at least a couple of years, maybe longer.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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