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Thread: 3 accounts TH7/th10/ rushed th12

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    You sound like you would be a great fit with us. no stress with the rushed the th12. Everyone always wants siege machines, so it would be good to have another person to donate them.

    We are an international based 3* war clan who strives for success. We Currently have over 480 war wins.

    General Information

    ◦ We do not kick people if they do not get 3*s all the time, nobody is perfect and we will work with you to develop your attacks and make them as consistent as we can!
    ◦ We do back to back wars and have an occasional break for one day only
    ◦ One day break is to gather some resources, get your hero upgrades in etc
    ◦ You can opt out of wars as needed. No pressure to be in wars here.
    ◦ One day break is to gather some resources, get your hero upgrades in etc. If you have any further questions or if I have missed anything out, inbox me on forums, or join 'Ignite Fury' #982LUU09 AND PLEASE MENTION YOU ARE FROM FORUMS! Tell them JB sent you.

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    Hey man th 12 can join 69ers great clan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate1069 View Post
    Hi Iím looking for a new clan for my 3 accounts. I have 1 TH7, 1 TH10 and 1 rushed th12 to donate siege machines to members. I am leaving my clan that Iíve been in for 3 months as they are acting weird with me, making sly comments aimed at me and donít really like it. I donít mind joining a new clan or a well established clan for war and clan games.

    About me:
    19 years old
    UK based
    Active daily
    War when heroís/factories arenít down
    Complete clan games on all accounts
    Help out whenever I can
    Hi, we are a level 4 mainly UK/US adult Clan, we are relaxed and want people to choose what they would like to participate in, we are currently looking for people for the next CWL so if you haven't already found a home then come and join us #VGLY8CPR

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