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Thread: Level 40 Looking for a Casual Neighborhood

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    Level 40 Looking for a Casual Neighborhood

    Hi, Iím Dream, a returning player. I havenít played Hay Day for a long time, and Iím looking for a neighborhood to help me get back into the game. Iíve been playing for a few days to make sure Hay Day is still something I want to play.

    Iím looking for an active chatty neighborhood with a fair amount of players. My old neighbohood died out, and I lost interest in Hay Day because of that. I really donít want to be playing alone.

    That being said, Iím not interested in a derby-focused hood. I wonít be playing in derbies for a while. Iíd like to enjoy the game without any stress from derbies. Casual or trading hoods prefered.

    Iíll be online mostly at night, Eastern time, but I can get on earlier if other people are online. My player tag is #8VRJ8PC2U

    Iím looking forward to being a part of a great neighborhood!
    Bonjour I'm DreamzerDust aka Dream.
    Hay Day Level 38 : )
    (PS I'm not French OuO)

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    Hi, come and try our hood out, I've put a link to our recruitment ad below for you to have a look at, if you would like to join us then let me know as we are invite only


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    Hi Dreamzerdust

    You are welcome to come and visit us at DJ's Place. Please check out our ad to see if we are a good match. We are a request only and we will lower our required level if you choose to visit us.



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