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Thread: Townhall 8 looking for a clan who play clan games compleate

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    Townhall 8 looking for a clan who play clan games compleate

    Need a clan who complete clan games and clan war and legues I play them well #9UL2PPC2J my tag

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    We are an Adult, organized, English speaking(U.S. Based EST), Level14, war clan. We have been clashing it up together since before clan wars began. We founded this clan all those years ago in order to compete in the Clan Wars that we love. We keep a relaxed atmosphere but we are all serious about winning.

    The Type of clashers we are looking for
    We are recruiting adult clashers that are dependable, war focused, loyal, and understand this game is about the long haul. We want active teammates that enjoy this great game and want to be part of a relaxed but competitive team while developing their bases and learning 3star strategies. We allow teammates opt out for any reason but expect those opted in to use every war attack.

    -What we ask of every teammate
    We ask every team member to develop themselves with a focus on war. This means waiting on building heavy defenses such as infernos, eagle artillery, etc until you are able to 3 star a base that has them. We focus on developing our heroes and troops first then slowly building the defenses up as we are ready to deal with the enemies we will face in war.

    Clan Rules
    *Show up for Your Team Every war that You opt in. Miss an attack, you sit the next war. New members missing both attacks will be booted. Veterans missing too many war attacks also may be booted. *Read all clan mail. *All good team-mates donate but Donate only what is requested.

    *If we sound like a clan that is right for you come check us out and Welcome to the Dark Side. We will check out your base and profile when you apply in game. Mention this thread to be considered.

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