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    New mystery deco package?

    I got this offer in my baby farm, never seen it before.

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    It's not new I got this offer several times. Also, there is another one with an elephant statue.

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    I'm delighted that we're receiving new decor offers. Here's one I got recently:

    The probabilities looked good but, with my typical poor luck, I got the outhouse!
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    Cowslips, I’d get the tree, without a doubt, my farm is a magnet for them. They’re nice trees, but they don’t get a look in with so many practical trees to plant!
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    hmm...I have never seen one of those. Just the old ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmallChange View Post
    Cowslips, I’d get the tree, without a doubt, my farm is a magnet for them.
    For me, it's the flippin' pile of stacked wood. i could ring my entire, fully expanded, farm in them! The purple flower surrounded by stones is a close second. Sick of both of them, and the farm moochers will never offer to buy them.

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    i seen this once and got the balloons so yay me i guess

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