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Thread: Bowler's Rocks should be purple when Bowlers are raged themselves

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    Bowler's Rocks should be purple when Bowlers are raged themselves

    I think the Bowlers' rocks should be purple and enlarged when the Bowlers themselves are raged. This would help during attacks to better predict the damage output on each building.

    As it stands, the damage that raged bowlers do doesn't feel right. It would improve the gameplay experience to have the rocks themselves show as purple and enlarged as it would fit with the graphics of the game.

    This makes more sense than, say, 'raging' archer's arrows, because the bowler's rocks feel more like part of their body, than an addition.

    Thanks for reading this suggestion, I hope it can be added in a future update!

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    oh wait like the rocks they're holding or the rocks they're throwing?

    i dont have bowlers but i think they should make it so its both because ive seen someone attack with bowlers before and they seem like they would be better that way
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    I think both. Like the rock is purple/larger in their hand and when releasing it

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