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Thread: 8-10 12s Looking for SCCWL Clan (Please Read Post)

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    8-10 12s Looking for SCCWL Clan (Please Read Post)

    Hey everyone!

    Starting next month we will not be able to use our clan for sccwl bc of an arranged war league. We are looking for a clan to send all of our th12 during the week so we can participate. A few of us will have to sit out 2 wars for the arranged war match.

    We are not not looking for a permanent home just a place to do the league week. If you are interested PM me and we can talk. Thanks!
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    How many do you have? We could use 1-2 of your th12s. Have a great group and killed it in our last CWL. Check us out.

    Recruiting non-rushed bases at all levels
    #28R8090 ArcherKappers47 is looking for new members. We are an adult clan mostly from US with some international members. We have a good war record and only have a few simple rules. Be active and donate. Heroes are must in war; use both attacks or opt out. Have fun. We win because we help each other.

    Looking for non rushed bases at any level, and active with clan games. Also open to taking on a small group up to 10.

    Feel free to stop by.

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    Great to see ur post, was just searching for this.
    V r Elysium(lv12) Clan #LCRVPQRV and have won all CWL till now. However due to mismatched th12 need more good players. Pls contact if intrusted.
    Myself Zoro(#8PJ09YGJU).✌

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