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Thread: Different Colored Exclamation Marks for Showing Where Help is Needed

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    Different Colored Exclamation Marks for Showing Where Help is Needed

    Since we can now request help on boats, towns, market boards, and farms, it would be helpful if the ! that shows up in the newspaper ad, were in different colors so we would more easily know where to look for help. My farms don't get helped as easily because most people are looking for boats and market boards.

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    Yes, Supercell, please consider this request. I have seen multiple similar requests.

    Farm: 127, Barn: 4500, Silo: 4500, Town: 42, Puzzle: 330/432 ... and struggling ...

    Protect Mother Nature !

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    I love the idea !! It would serve a lot !! Please, SUPERCELL, this idea is great!

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    Yes, some different visual sign whether help is needed for boat, truck, town or trees/bushes would be sweet. Also if help needed is for town someway to see if you could fill an order directly from farm before actually going to the town, maybe by activating the town bulletin board near the cart on the farm being visited to show what is needed, saving a trip only to find that you cannot fill the request.
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    This idea is good and/or to go along those lines with town help. How about have help sign up on farm side, with the request for what is wanted so we can fill orders with out having to go to town. Kind of like truck order board but smaller. Just takes a lot of time going into town and back out.

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