This bug may require extremely unusual conditions to replicate, or may even be impossible to fully replicate starting post-maintenance.

After the global truck event started, I saw the warnings about a bug where visits to Greg's farm reset the personal event counter. Thus, while I visited Greg's farm early yesterday, I did not visit it between completing truck #1 (yesterday) and truck #100 (today, after receiving a pack of maintenance downtime diamonds).

Immediately after #100, I went to Greg's farm to check box #7, which opened to yield 5 diamonds (yay!)... and was still sitting there closed (yay?). Tapping it again yielded a boat box booster (yay). Returning to my farm and tapping the roadside announcement sign to check to see whether or not my personal event counter was reset showed the (incorrect and these days incredibly rare) message "No event in progress". The game crashed almost immediately thereafter. On reloading the game, the event board showed normally and indicated my personal progress correctly.

This bug only minimally impacts game play, if at all; and the impact (beyond the crash) if any seems favorable to the player. It's not clear whether triggering this may require having all 12 sanctuary animals as well (thereby causing an overcount on calendar boxes that try to provide unusable puzzle pieces; or possibly there is buggy code to give people who got an unusable puzzle piece some extra diamonds to make up for the effectively empty box). Still, conditions that trigger a game crash seem the sort of thing worth noting.