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    Clash of Clans - Winter 2018 Update - Sneak Peek #4 - Icy What You Did There!

    After much speculation, gossip, and rumor mongering, we are proud to unveil the newest edition to the Clash of Clans family of troops - The Ice Golem.

    But as you can see, this indomitable icicle aesthetically differs from his cousin you might already be familiar with. Apart from juicing on frozen protein shakes and lifting solid icebergs to work out, this Ice Golem has absolute zero sense of humor due to his chilling personality. He's cool at everything he does and will freeze up the party (and his surroundings) when destroyed.

    See this cool guy in action:

    So let's take a closer look at our frosty friend here. The Ice Golem is a new Dark Elixir ground troop available starting at Town Hall 11 when you upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 8.

    Level 1:
    • DPS: 24
    • Freeze time when destroyed: 4 seconds
    • HP: 2600
    • Training cost: 220 Dark Elixir
    • Training time: 3 minutes
    • Favorite target: Defenses
    • Damage type: Single target
    • Targets: Ground
    • Housing space: 15
    • Movement speed: 12

    Level 2:
    • Upgrade time: 8 days
    • Upgrade cost: 80,000 Dark Elixir
    • DPS: 28
    • Freeze time when destroyed: 4.75 seconds
    • HP: 2800
    • Training cost: 240 Dark Elixir

    Level 3:
    • Upgrade time: 10 days
    • Upgrade cost: 120,000 Dark Elixir
    • DPS: 32
    • Freeze time when destroyed: 5.5 seconds
    • HP: 3000
    • Training cost: 260 Dark Elixir

    Level 4:

    • Upgrade time: 12 days
    • Upgrade cost: 160,000
    • DPS: 36
    • Freeze time when destroyed: 6.25 seconds
    • HP: 3200
    • Training cost: 280 Dark Elixir
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    Looks interesting!
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    This update is giving me chills

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    right behind you

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    So it's just another golem?

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    That’s cool! Totally rocks! (Sorry)
    so good to have a new dark troop!
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    level 3 - 12,000 DE is so good

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    Interesting. A mixture of the beloved ice wizard from long ago and now freeze spell, but looks to have greater range. What is the range of his freezing effect? It looks to be 6 tiles

    So I’m wondering how much he slows down defenses he touches, like 1/2 firing rate.

    Does he slow down enemy attacking units when defending in CC? Does his death cause attacking enemy units to freeze? This may become my new favorite CC defense, double ice golems with baby dragon,
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    Can th11 get all 3 levels? Or is lvl3 going to be th12?

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    I am right darian but you told me I'm spreading fake news 😭.

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