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Thread: Tool shed & saw mill

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    Tool shed & saw mill

    In order to utilize dead trees, a saw mill to make planks, panels, etc would help tremendously. Adding a new tool shed to put supplies for upgrading & land expansion would free up our barn! Please consider!!!!

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    This has bee requested many times but is currently ruled out. See the MUST READ thread above.
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    This tool shed wouldn't have free infinite capacity. So we need another set of expansion materials (Tool Shed Expansion Material (TSEM)) to expand this tool shed. Of course, eventually the TSEM will clog up the main barn, so we'd need another special shed for the TSEMs. Which in turn will not have free infinite capacity, so we need another set of materials - TSTSEMs - to expand this new shed, the Tool Shed Tool Shed. etc etc

    Like Connemara said, already ruled out. This is probably the #1 most repeated ruled-out-suggestion. Gonna come up at least 3 more times before the year is over.

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