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Thread: Level 83, looking for new hood

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    Join my family at JUST A RANDOM HOOD. It is just me my girlfriend and our 2 children we do derby at max points but can make it 300+ we need help to get all horseshoes we are climbing to champions League being promoted every week we are at professional league but will stay at champions League when we get there, fairly competitive but we aren't desperate for the win. Be a co leader and help recruit more players for us or just sit back and do your own thing come see us before the derby starts

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    Your welcome to join us. We are currently in Professional League We do 320pt tasks for regular derbys and 340+pt tasks for themed derbys. Must be active and chatty. If interested look us up. We'd love to have you on our team.

    Turtle Valley - White pig on a Purple Heart # LOVPORJO

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    Hi Sunny , we are THE HOOD FAMILY . A group of 7 ISO derby fanatics who are team players as well to strengthen our ranks . We lvl from 65-137 in Champion League . If you complete all tasks @ 320/400 ( 10th task optional ) you're just who we're looking for . 9VV9VYJ9 , white dog w/ yellow heart . My name is BOOTZILLA .

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    Hi SunnyAcres 1000, please check out Coral Reef Tag #YR92Y2PU...
    We are easy going, most in the group work hard, so we play hard, to win! We are Derby focused and neighborhood building focused! Come check us out! Come see why we are winning!
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    Frogs are hopping for u

    FROGS N FOXES N SUCH requests your presence! We need some awesome farmers to join our group! We are a Championship League team looking to grow!

    Here's what we are about:
    - Experienced leader, level 190+, has been playing for years
    - Lots of help offered as long as you help in return
    - We do all tasks at 310+, the 10th is optional
    - We play bingo, 3 lines
    - We play mystery and blossom derbies all the way
    - Other special derbies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    - Birdhouse requests xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    - We offer upgrade help and expect help in return

    We are looking for derby players!
    -Level xxxx+
    -Active members!
    -Self-sufficient team players
    -Help with birdhouse achievement

    Come try us out!!! We need you!!!


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