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Thread: Level 83, looking for new hood

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    Level 83, looking for new hood

    I'm an active, helpful, daily player, who is looking for a chatty, helpful, champions league hood.
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    We would love to have you at East Coast US Farmers our Tag#PRJOVCO
    We are seasoned players many over level 100 and most do derby.

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    Hi, Im in the search of a few good people to join my neighborhood. What I'm looking for is someone who is laid back, helpful, speaks English, and doesnt mind chatting. Derby isn't mandatory, but if you decide to play choose tasks 300 and above, and make sure to complete all tasks. I'll make you elder the second you join. There's not a lot of rules, just have fun and work hard at the derby (if your opted in). Let's build a strong neighborhood together! Come check it out.
    The Foxhole II #9CVRGQVU ��

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    🌾"Gone with the Wheat" 🌾
    Tag # POUC2P82
    is welcoming competitive derby players 🙌
    Looking for -
    Team players only.
    Communication is a Must !
    Helpful, courteous and friendly.
    👿No rudeness or attitudes 👿 👉🏻leave them at the barn door 🚪 🚪 No exceptions.
    We do 320s and a tenth task. 400 in the higher point derbies. We finish fast. We are not very active on weekends, after we finish derby... our record 🏆29/5/2 as of 12/3/18
    Adults only please & English speaking only. You must speak after joining 🙄
    We have no limits on the request box...just ask that you try to give as often as you receive..
    Opting out is fine when needed.
    Tired of other players riding on your coattails and keeping you from placing? 🤔 come see us ! We play as a team & make sure your task is completed!
    We use the kik app for communicating 👍🏻
    Come see us to derby.
    🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 based group.
    Any questions feel free to msg me on kik -Harley_in_Indiana
    Farm tag# 92R2CG29L

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    HD Addicts Army looking for a few serious players.

    Hi There. Just a little bit about us:
    We are a group of HD addicts that love to derby. Our favorite is Blossom Derby because we will climb the leaderboard at lightning speed. It will also allow us to show our exceptional teamwork and communication skills. We strive for Gold and 3-Line Bingo. We currently have 137 Gold Cups and seeking for more.
    We are helpful, friendly, and self-sufficient bunch. Many of us have babies to support our main farms and help supply visitors for our towns.
    We are well represented across the globe. You can be sure the task board is always updated throughout the day.
    We believe in ruling by committee. You will be given “Elder” status immediately upon joining. If you decide to stay and are a right fit with our hood, you will be promoted to “Co-leader”. Your voice and opinions are always going to matter.
    We facilitate trades within the hood and on trading sites. Trade a way your excess for stuff you need.
    Leader will also help with added bonuses for all derby participants. We want to help you grow and expand.
    We have very few simple rules:
    • One, we ask that if you opt into derby, then you must complete 10/15 max tasks 320/400. We understand that real life gets hectic now and then so feel free to opt out anytime you need.
    • Two, please respect everyone in the hood. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
    • Finally, please don’t raid the shops unless the owner has specified “Sale”. This is to allow trades to go thru smoothly.
    You will not find another relaxing, drama free, and yet highly competitive hood.
    If you are looking for a hood, and if HD Addicts Army sounds like a place you want to be, send me a text with your tag and I will invite you. We have a couple spots left that just might be your forever home.
    Happy Farming!!!

    QUOTE=SunnyAcres1000;12010026]I'm an active, helpful, daily player, who is looking for a chatty, helpful, champions league hood.[/QUOTE]

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    RECRUITING🥚🐣🐥’The Eggstra Factor’🐥🐣🥚RECRUITING🐤

    We are The Eggstra Factor #9GLOUVVU

    In this lovely neighbourhood where peace, fun and kindness reign supreme. Our timezones vary and we have players worldwide. There's almost always someone online here!

    We welcome farmers who seek competitive fun with like minded friends...

    English speaking nationalities only please

    So why join us?

    We are competitive and friendly...

    We are fair and inclusive and all our players are made elders* on joining...

    We believe that too many rules hinder enjoyment of the game so we only have a few which are important to us as a team therefore we ask all new joiners to agree to these upon entry...

    The (very few) rules!

    1. 320/400 point tasks only...
    2. Your goods may be sold at your own set price - it's your stock...
    3. Opt out if unable to derby but remain in contact from time to time...
    4. Bonus 10th task will always be required...
    5. Adult only 18+ group - no children please...
    6. Birdhouse requests encouraged for achievement...
    7. English speaking only...
    8. We do not permit traders, beggars, scroungers or drama divas...
    9. Must own and operate production machines to your level of play...

    We will help all we can and we enjoy seeing players grow, however we also require you to be quite self sufficient please - give & take in this hood works both ways! Machines are there to produce not to decorate your farm so they need to be working!

    There will also be weeks where we would ask for a swift finish (Friday or Sat am) to secure a win, if you can’t do this because of other commitments please don’t join us as this isn’t the hood for you!!

    * Elder status will be given after agreement of rules with leader or co-leader

    It's good to stay in touch throughout and to help with this we do have a Facebook group (closed private group - details will be given upon joining) and a private group Messenger chat.

    Facebook is optional - Messenger is essential. Brief updates are posted as and when needed in leader posts in game chat.

    Recruiting active and confident level 100+ players

    Be part of something good

    We operate a coop to help expand barn, silo and lure box. The co-op exists for those who want to grow these buildings to increase game participation. Members are advised that they do not have to take part in this aspect of our game, but those who do are expected to contribute all of their barn and silo expansion parts into the pot in order to get benefits out.

    We do not operate trading here so traders are not encouraged to join!!

    If you think this group appeals to you and you’d like to know more please pm the leader!

    Look for the green chicken on the blue chequered background

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    ��Recruiting / Rebuilding a strong champions league.��
    Come join us to be part of a no nonsense winning team
    ��Derby Outlaws Tag #8RQ9JG9Q ��
    Read our link to see if we fit what you are looking for
    We are a friendly & helpful NH too ♥️

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