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Thread: Mowing the lawn

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    Mowing the lawn

    I see so many farms that have a lot of dead trees and bushes on them, and that can take up a lot of space. I also know itís not always easy to acquire saws and axes in the large quantities that can be needed so I think it would be awesome to have the option to buy a lawn mower or some piece of farm equipment to harvest/clean up the farm. This could be something that is purchased with diamonds or something we could rent and use it when needed. The rent option might be that if you spend a certain amount of coins or diamonds you can clean up a certain amount of space on your farm.

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    But why not just buy some axes or saws then?

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    Already in the game! Lawnmower's name is Greg and works pretty much exactly as you described.

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    Some - like me - leave dead trees until hood mates gets help task. I have enough axes and saws to clean up my farm.

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