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Thread: SARDEGNAAAAAAAA is looking for you! - #292LCQ - Only Italian

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    SARDEGNAAAAAAAA is looking for you! - #292LCQ - Only Italian

    Hi all,

    first of all, sorry for my bad english... we are an old established Italian NH but we are too few members, at the moment, so we need new energy!
    Our goal is to play polite and respectful in order to stay together and talk about the game.
    We always play Derby, we are in Champions League and we have 7 Gold Cups, 13 Silver and 22 Bronze.
    During Derby, we usually trash task with less than 270 points and we try to do as much task as possible, without extra tasks.
    We are looking for Italian active users (>40 level) that could help us to be more competitive in order to make better Derby.
    We do trading if someone need help as well as boat/town help and watering plants.
    Come in! Give us a try and help us to make our NH great again!


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