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Thread: BB balance changes....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skinnyfat View Post
    I just started levelling my cannon carts. After repeatedly getting crushed by them myself I thought let’s see what it’s all about. They were level 12 and about a week later they will nerf them QQ
    One of my clanmates is just getting his pekkas close to maxed. He is not a happy camper.

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    Ugh. Wonder if this will mean more people will jump on the arch-min bandwagon at higher reaches.

    Gibocca was my goto strat, so sad to see two elements of it get nerfed quite badly. Thankfully they have kept raged barbs the same so my other goto strat with barbs bombers and a camp of carts won't be too affected (hopefully) as that depends more on the longevity of the barb rage than the carts itself.

    Never worked much on my arch strategy though maxed. Since I got nothing else to work on for bb starting to think now might be a good idea to get better at those before bh9 hits next year.

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    Did a couple of attacks this morning (I'm maxed so just doing it for fun/clan games), I can certainly tell the CC nerf. yuck.
    what's really funny is one of my opponents used baby dragon which I have not seen used for a while. LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by Noctaire View Post
    So...SC just announced balance changes for the BB, generally related to troop usage.

    1) Cannon Cart DPS nerfed 15%, 3rd unit unlocks at L10.
    2) Super PEKKA HP nerfed 5%.
    3) Baby Dragon HP buffed 7.5%.
    4) BB troop upgrade times reduced.

    Im on the fence about these changes. Interesting idea to unlock the third CC at L10 instead of L16; that will almost certainly increase usage at lower levels but nerfing DPS at all, much less 15%, seems like overkill. SP was already inadequate at higher levels and now will be even more so. Baby Dragon needs a lot more than a 7.5% bump to HP to make it work at higher levels.

    it will be interesting to see how this pans out in the end.
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    Looking forward to some varied attacks

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    I tried 5 attacks and lost all 5 of them (with all max troops)... The nerf sucks: I really don't find a good combo with these new balance changes to even double star a base... So, yeah, I think these balance changes suck really hard. BB are still too weak, cannon carts are now weak at lvl 16, pekka is still ok, but his support troops are too weak (cannon carts), ...

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    6,300’s my take on the balance changes at BH8 now that I’ve had time to play with them in the real game.

    Super PEKKA nerf - This one is bad. First and foremost, PEKKA Carts and Mass Super PEKKA are now dead above 4K; probably 3500 and up. The loss of 300 HP from a tanking troop with only one unit per Army Camp is significant. I tested GiBoCCa and it’s so-so but nowhere near as effective as it was before; better to take another camp of boxer Giants. This nerf is enough that I will almost certainly stop using the SP altogether.

    Cannon Cart nerf - You can definitely notice the DPS hit, especially when you run just 2 camps. GiBoCC, GiCart, and Big Bart still work but expect to see as much as 5% destruction shaved off your match totals as well as the occasional 1-star because the defenses outrun the CCs.

    Baby Dragon buff - 7.5% more HP is barely noticeable. This troop will not be added to my rotation anytime soon. Where it worked before, it will work a little better but not much. This may be enough to make it more viable at BH5/BH6 though; I still need to work on that ‘un.

    I am almost always opposed to nerfs, but these in particular were just unnecessary. I do not for a moment think this will increase attack variety at BH8. Troop spammers will use Minion Drops/Shimi more often instead. I also don’t see a sudden shift to air or everyone suddenly setting defenses up for air.

    Imlibestreamed some attacks this morning and will do some more over the next couple days, diving in a little deeper.
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    Oh and what I also want to say: I see (again) a lot more archer attacks... Yes, again the frustrating clock tower times waste is back... Sorry, I just can say these balance changes suck really hard and will make BB less fun to play...

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    I thought the extra cannon cart would help me win but instead Im still losing....

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    Hmmm this nerve really isn't what I hoped for. It was still a challenge to use the CC's effectively in order to get 75+%, but now, they really can't get through, stuck at 40~48% (maxed troops... All of them).

    Trying to find a better combo haven't found it so far. Haven't been 2-starred either by the opponent, but a higher one-star

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    Yea now that the update has dropped I've noticed Cannon Carts are alot less effective. I have mine maxed and I've noticed my attacks have gotten lower %s than normal. Personally a 15% DPS nerf was insane. It cannot event 1 shot camps anymore. Now that is extra time it has to spend shooting at something it used to 1 shot. Granted it could have been my bad attacking skill or terrible luck with trap prediction but the nerfs are 100% noticeable.

    Don't expect me to use Baby Drags anytime soon. That small Hp buff doesn't help much.
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