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    Begining of the end?

    Is hayday approaching its end?.Large no . of bots ruining gameplay and so many bugs .
    What are ur views .A good topic to discuss?

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    Don’t think it’s reaching the end... the glitches and all that has always been there, but everytime we are demanding more and more and faster and faster; and of course, glitches come with the new things, and regardless if we like them, SC is constantly adding new stuff.
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    AGAIN with the fearmongering and assumptions? NO! I'm sorry, but this is a sentiment I see ENTIRELY too often without any reason at all for it being there. Feeding it is not necessary.

    If it was reaching the end we'd know. If it was reaching the end they certainly wouldn't bother updating the game very soon.
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    This time of year is meant for holiday spirit and positivity so a farmageddon thread like this will not help much with that spirit will it.

    There are a few other threads already discussing bots already and thatís more then enough.

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