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Thread: 2nd Clan for CWL

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    2nd Clan for CWL

    What's up Clashers,

    Our clan hovers around 45-48 members, usually have 25-35 base wars. Was wondering if others have opened a 2nd clan for the lowers(some minis) to be able to participate just in the CWL week.
    I brought it up in our clan and got mixed reactions ,

    Did it cause any problems?
    Did any members not come back?
    Were the rewards worth it?

    It's coming up on the 3rd season and am thinking about bringing it back up? Just asking if other clans are doing it and how it worked out for them

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    Bc of cwl we r attempting to make cwl alliance. Have a discord room for that. Still in beginning stages so gotta c results but hey never hurts to try. If interested, come visit clan "net thuggin" to find out more details if intrigued. If not, gl with however direction yall go to. =)
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    Horses for courses I think.
    I know some clans have done this and it's been successful. It really depends upon the dynamics within your own clan.

    We have 49 members, war twice a week, usually with 15v15 or 20v20.
    I don't think a 2nd CWL clan would suit us currently, so I haven't suggested it. However, I will keep an open mind as time goes on.

    Good luck!
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    My main war clan took everyone in CWL 1. We dropped into MIII and promoted easily. In the second CWL we split with TH12 and most of the 11 staying in main and the rest to an old clan one of our members had. It worked well and everyone got to participate fully.

    In my smaller clan, we are going to attempt to do it for this coming CWL. Not sure how well it will work, but we will see.
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    We havent tried it yet, but my intentions are to start a 2nd clan for that week only.
    Will make some new accounts to get it started real low, but intention is for any that wish to participate and are too small for our already saturated casual main, then they can jump if they wish.
    Gave some thought to Sams idea of alternating "clans" monthly, but the guys and gals wish to run with main clan, so I am good with that.
    Will simply be a low level event for the small accounts to throw a few troops around. Promotion may even be completely avoided with the small one, so will see now it goes once I free up the time to get things started. As others say, it cant hurt to try. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

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    We set up a second clan for last CWL, main clan was th11&12, second was th10 and a few 9s.
    Outstanding success, earned over 8k medals combined for our members across both clans.
    Everyone th10-12 was in a minimum of 6 wars, enough action to keep all active and happy with the split.
    Everyone came back home after, but our average time in clan is over 18 months for our members, it is pretty stable.

    Ps. Our average random spin is 20 members, but for CWL, had almost 100% participation.
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    We split three ways into our 2nd clan and one we are friendly with for season two. It worked great and everyone came home after. This time more of our friendly clans people want in so we need to start a new clan or inherit one preferably.

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    We split into two clans last CWL and will do it again this time. The main clan is in champs 3 and won 4/7 wars and did not progress to champs 2. It was an all th12 affair with almost all level 5 th12 with max or near max heroes. No complaints at all there,was a close and enjoyable season.

    The lower accounts (th12 not as upgraded and some th11s) started another clan and averaged 350+ medals each,were placed in masters 2 I think and had a walkover and won 7/7 wars.

    The conclusion for us that this was much more enjoyable than season 1 as there was no sitting out for a week for people. The main clan doesn't really need magic hammers and the "b" group do,and were rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

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    Currently creating a 2nd Clan for the upcoming season.As it caused a ton of Drama in my main clan,when I mentioned to them that I would not be selecting TH10s and below for CWL.

    So far it seems to have alleviated the anger they had. As I told them,they would have some trouble being selected in other clans because of their low level..

    Will see how it goes

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