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    Gem cost on resources? Is it too much?

    Gem costs on resources are ridiculous at high levels. I understand that there are big ol whales in this game. Why don't they just use a scale factor to determine the universal cost? Or make it something easier to work with.

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    Well you basically are paying to not play the game...not even attack. I think it should be expensive. Gemming time on upgrades is more for speeding up, but you still have to farm.

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    No. It's not too much. Resources are easy to get. If you want to pay instead of play, you pay big time.

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    It should cost more. If you are too lazy to farm resource then you should pay and pay handsomely

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    If you want to buy resources then I suggest the book offers. Those are essentially offering you time + resources at a discount. Buying resources is expensive, but I think that’s pretty reasonable.

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    Resoyrces are intended to be exirbitant.

    They don't really want people buying resources, but felt the option should be there.

    It is the least efficient way of spending on this game, deliberately.
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    Even if you could get 10k dark for 1 gem I wouldn't buy it. 100k for 1 gem? I'd think about it, but for me the fun is farming. Not sitting on max heroes.
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    The underlying barrier to base progression within Clash of Clans is .....time!
    All upgrade costs are very achievable for even the casual player, but they take time.
    Of course, you can 'speed up' , but this requires gems.
    The option to do so, is there for everyone, and I'm sure it has often tempted the more 'impatient' among us!
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    Getting resources is the main reason people play the game. If resources were way cheaper, I’d say people would have less incentive to play, which is not what SC wants.

    what is unreasonably expensive imo is gemming instant heal of heroes, and instant CC troop request. Those should be lowered...
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    The high cost of purchased resources work as a motivating factor for making people attack for their needs.

    "Wow, I just stole X Dark Elixir .. that would have cost me Y gems to purchase"

    This leads to a sense of accomplishment and return on "time investment".

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