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Thread: An addition to the My Profile Tab

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    An addition to the My Profile Tab

    I think there should be an addition to the my profile tab. The addition would be small but kinda cool. It would kinda be like what the profile already has with the level of troops and how many attacks they have won but with more things about the player. The things it would have would be like what troop and spell they use most and how long have they been playing the game. Another thing that would be cool is if it showed what town hall they attack most and how much loot they have gotten while playing the game.
    (This is just an idea and I have no clue if you can make any of this possible but I think it might be cool)
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    you can just ask a player what their prefered troop is

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    The biggest reason I can see for not wanting to have the troops and spells someone uses most is because when you're in a war with another clan you wouldn't want them to know you mostly use a specific type of attack.

    Other things that aren't strategic could be interesting, how long you've played the game (people used obstacles removed for a long time to try to estimate that), loot is already displayed in the achievements unless you hit the max it will show.

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    Would be cool to have one with total loot earned during the season, just like legend trophies (but hidden within a button like "Loot earned last season")

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