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Thread: Puzzle Piece, What did we get....

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    Thank you for the info mdcfc.

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    Thanks, mdcfc, for the heads up, and to support for fixing the gift for those of us with completed sanctuaries.

    I'm also soooo relieved to know it's not a signal of more puzzle piece animals. (Would love more sanctuary animals, but not at the prize of more puzzles to complete!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddn1026 View Post
    I have completed all the animals that use puzzle pieces. Todays gift was a puzzle piece. It flew over in my storage so did I get something or not? I looked threw my storage but canít tell if anything is new or not.
    I noticed differences in the gifts depending on level. There's a level 27 farm that's gotten other things on days others got the boosters and puzzle pieces. Can't wait for the day I no longer need puzzle pieces! I assume if you don't need them, they must be flying into the same black hole all the products I've used to try to help my hood mates towns all week have gone.

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