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    Wherever there are the foolish starting new clans, I am there, wagging a finger,
    Quote Originally Posted by joshsgrandad View Post
    Onto the frustration...
    I highlighted Cilakila purposely for this, as Cilakila is an advocate of ridding the game of parasitic "no chance clans".
    It was my new alts first war, and was drawn against a new clan, war logs both 0/0. War size 10v.

    Unfortunately for them, I am warring with lower accounts.
    Clearing their bases was not a problem, not with th8 size warfare.
    But, frustratingly, even before I started attacking, 2 of them had already jumped.
    By the time I hit their 1 (I always work up the map), only 4 of them remained.
    Logged back on tonight, and even their leader is now gone, leaving only 2 of the original 10, and a clan that started the day with 16 members, down to 8, including their leader. Funnily enough, a guy that started the war as "new", now carries the leader tag. And half of their first war is still to time out.

    In summary of my too long post.. To OP, it is possible to build a clan from scratch. I am just starting my 2nd one. But you have to do all the early work. A green log is the best attraction war gamers can have, so build it at a comfortable weight.
    No match threads to me are a mystery. I tried a roster that I thought may fail, yet the MM made a good job of matching it. Maybe having enough balanced weight for enough of the top end is sufficient to be able to match, regardless of what is going on below it.
    SC should maybe think seriously about increasing the cost of starting up a new clan. Otherwise existing clans are being deprived of membership simply to satisfy the ego of people that havent a clue how to get things up and running. A clan should be the foundation that the memberships fun is built on. Please stop the fly by nights from holding people back.
    Related concern...

    All those accounts that hopped out of that clan without doing a war attack go into global and claim, "I need a clan".

    And despite their 1d21 hour war timer, there are several dozen clans begging them to join. There are promises of co and of free troops (not sure how much troops cost in other clans)... But there is no consequence to their hopping. I do not mean they should be set on fire - not at all - but you would find if there were fewer desperate clans built by zero war star th4s there would be less incentive to hop hop hop.
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