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    I so agree Steve that task board stinks.
    And im affraid a lot hoods will die just becoz it isnt fun anymore.
    They take the fun out of the game.
    We had a lot of boats(I did 7 out of 10 its boring) and baskets and offcourse some had strawberries and goatmilk.
    One took it out of lack of 320 tasks
    We normally delete those right away.
    I understand SC needs to bring in money but you can go too far SC...youre chasing ppl away!

    Hood of 19 and 18 opted in!

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    See we keep dropping in the leaderboard, so I am confused how people are dropping away. We are 78,000 on the leaderboard, we are a champion league team with 29 players !

    Now mind you, we are not competitive just trying to stay in champions league and get all horseshoes.

    So I am not sure if this is driving players away, or just making top teams spend more....

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