This is a brand new war clan looking for active and mature members. This is not the original Residual Wounds however...Once upon a time, I was one of the first four members of the original Residual Wounds. The clan has since ceased to exist, but is still in my bookmarked list. I have taken it upon myself to bring Residual Wounds back to the dominance it once had.

Requirements to join:
16+ years old
United States Timezone
English speaking
Townhall level 5+
Heroes: Any level
Minimum trophies: 600

Once you are in the clan, you will be held to certain standards such as...
Be mature
Be active
Use BOTH war attacks
Donate 250 per season

The clan roles of elder and co-leader have stipulations. Elder is obtained once your "New!" tag is removed from your name in the list of members. Co-leader is EARNED and never given. You can earn co-leader by performing well in war, being consistent in your 250 donations, and being active

Our clan tag is: #28QP9Y080

Leave a request to join and say "Supercell forums" in the request. I will get to your requests as soon as I can

Hope to see you soon!