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Thread: Odd behaviour in road side shop

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    Odd behaviour in road side shop

    Hello there,

    I am at level 25. Since the beginning of my game (level 7 onwards), I am using road side shop to sell stuff from my farm.

    Since yesterday I have noticed a very unusual behaviour. Earlier, it would take maximum of a minute for all the products in my road side shop to sell out. But now, even with 2 or 3 advertisements going on, it takes a long time for the products to sell. Irrespective of the product I am trying to sell in my shop.

    Is this happening with anyone else too? And can I do anything to improve upon my situation?

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    Itís the 3x crop day - itíll go away. During 3x crop day, everyone floods the Global marketplace with their excessive crops and no one buys them, which means a huge amount of unresolved posted ads, which means you see less shops in every newspaper because 90% of your paper is farms whose ad has been up for hours. It also means less farms see your rss in the list even if youíre selling barn expansion items - lol.

    i donít know why they still do 3x crop day, itís so annoying.
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    I'm sure there's a clue here somewhere...
    I actuually just noticed the same thing tonight. I was on a mining task and needed to get rid of some silver ore (which usually sells quickly when I advertise), but it sat in the rss until I re-advertised a couple of times. A bit unusual...

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    Yes as Dove says things are selling slow because of the 3X crop event.
    It should go back to normal in a day or two.
    At least it’s better than the pumpkin derby which pretty much crippled the Daily Dirt for at least a week with the backlog of pumpkins.

    I happen to like the 3x event. I can stock up on some of the longer growing crops not only through my own harvesting but from what gets posted in the paper.

    Interestingly I have sold more RUSTIC BOUQUETS in my shop this morning than I usually sell in a week. And I never advertise them. I just put them in the last slots for Greg or Tom.
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    Thanks for replying everyone.

    The event is over so I hope things return to normal soon.

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