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Thread: When to upgrade to th12?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobenzochris View Post
    I think u shd really move up to th12. Its so much fun with so much new stuff to upgrade. It will make u love e game even more.
    What TH level are you?

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    There's not exactly a right or wrong answer here. Personally I have TH12 and TH10 accounts. The loot on the TH10 account is amazing. TH12, I ended up having to go up to Titan league to get a good league bonus to compensate for the lack of available loot. Perhaps that isn't much of a problem down in the Gold leagues.

    I always look at how I'm doing against bases of my same town hall level before moving up because that is who you will be farming against. If you are getting the majority of your loot against TH11, you should be OK. If most of your loot is coming from hitting TH10, you might be better off staying put for a while longer and farming those TH10 still until you are comfortable against TH11.
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