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    Been to global and back to 0 did 4 more and back to 0 hope they fix it soon

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    The problem will be come end of Event. If our counters are reset to less than the Qualifying Globe? We won't qualify for a diamond Reward unless Support will disregard that and reward everyone

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    Angry What the heck? Major event issue.

    I did enough truck deliveries to get the second level for the event and now itís showing none. What the heck? I donít want to fill all those orders again and have it disappear once again. And still the train issues arenít fixed. This is ridiculous. 😒🤪😳😕

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    My event truck orders have reset to zero 3 times today. Is hay day fixing this? I had reached the personal threshold for diamonds but now Im back to showing zero completed!

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    Hi Perky!

    Yes, consternation in our hood, today, with the disappearing truck counts. Your farm had a mystery help needed sign, too.
    I love your ice-fishing caterpillars
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    Event truck deliveries going to zero.

    My husband lost 25 trucks. His counter now says zero again, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fry89 View Post
    I have sent five truck deliveries, and I reached the first threshold, the reward was Saw. Now it reset to zero.

    Edit: I won't send any more Until authority says it's fixed.

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    This does stink but don't visit Greg's farm until the global event is over! You have plenty of time to collect presents

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    I reached 3rd prize now itís showing 2 trucks have gone out

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    the only positive thing is that we keep the rewards ... but i prefer they fix the bug, really ...
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    I've tried almost three times but everytime the counter reseting to zero. I hope SC fix this soon and maybe give us sone apology reward.

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