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Thread: The crop count in the cornucopia task (Derby task) is WRONG.

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    Thumbs up The crop count in the cornucopia task (Derby task) is WRONG.

    It counts 1 crop per field, not 2 as it supposed to do.
    AND! Current event board item is 3 crops instead of 2.

    Very frustrating.
    I am losing time and points in the Derby; because of the bug.

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    You're supposed to harvest x crop FIELDS.
    Not x CROPS.

    It's not a bug. That's the task. FIELDS. Not crops.
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    Allas - I had the same problem. So frustrating. Now a new problem started yesterday and is ongoing today. The global truck supply task is not only NOT counting properly, it reset to zero today. I do not usually complain, but this is a full-time job keeping track of what’s wrong and how to try to fix. I have always enjoyed playing HD, but there are so many problems that are not being fixed, and new ones being added, maybe it’s time for players to go on strike.

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