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    It would seem to me that the stone slammer could help a ground game as well. It does cause earthquakes which cause wall damage after all. I might try throwing this in with my ground attacks. If you can tank for it, you should be able to wreck interior walls as you go creating pathing for your ground troops.

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    Stone Slammer Death Dive

    Was expecting the SS to create a final quake when it's shot down... It just doesn't look right. 😢

    Please, Supercell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaivaSr View Post
    It is not even near the same situation

    Its more like, hey, you can still have your Coke, but we have a new Pepsi, and people are like meeeeeh I want a new Coke
    Nobody liked New Coke....

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    When will the winter update

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    This might have been covered already but the Stone Slammer looks like it has a huge area of effect. How many tiles does it affect?

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    What's the difference between Blimp and Stone slammer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Makemewise View Post
    What's the difference between Blimp and Stone slammer?
    very different. look at the stats and targetting.

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    Canít wait for this looks great!
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    What will be upgrade prize of new siege workshop?

    Please tell me the upgrade prize of new siege workshop. I use my another account for donation so i will upgrade my elixir storage if needed for new siege workshop so i can prepare and store my elixir for now. So when update comes i can ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makemewise View Post
    What's the difference between Blimp and Stone slammer?
    One is a blimp. The other is a Stone slammer.
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