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Thread: 5th Mystery Gift Box on Greg's Farm...where is it?

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    5th Mystery Gift Box on Greg's Farm...where is it?

    Today on Dec 5th, I am trying to spot 5th Mystery/Gift box on Greg's Farm. Even my group Leader can't find it. She says she might have opened it but if she opened today, she does not even remember what she found in the box. She can not possibly have opened it as they don't allow to open the box at least until my Night time in Eastern US. Even she has tried opening boxes before earlier in the day and won't allow it to open. So it seems 5th one might be missing. If someone has found it, please let me know the location.

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    I got screws... keep looking. I opened mine when it was 01:00 Helsinki time

    16:00 pacific NA

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    In the middle of the roses, nearby the sugar machine

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    it s near the mine, on the right, really behind trees....
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    The boxes hop and emit the white dots just like the red tool boxes, that should help find each day's gift
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    Do not go to Greg's farm ... or your truck global event counter will reset to 0

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