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    Quote Originally Posted by SmallChange View Post
    I *think* what he meant was we donít know if the new products will be required for the Derby.

    Going by last time, they will be requested products for this Derby.
    Yes that what I meant , I did miss the word Derby ,
    And yes the new things is likely to be requested ,

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    i think the biggest gift super cell can give us all is to fix all the bugs. helpers list. the town train ect. i could go on.
    Every new update brings a new bug. wonder what will be destroyed with this new update.

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    I really wish they gave us the recipes for everything - are we better off keeping the tomatoes fresh for the eggplant parmesan or making them into sauce? Do we need to save up on lettuce and/or mayonnaise for the cucumber sandwiches?

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    A little late Sneak Peek video

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