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    Cool Sneak Peek #2: New Products

    Sneak Peek #2: New Products - Grilled eggplant (LVL 90), Pineapple cake (LVL 65), Pineapple juice (LVL 52), Broccoli pasta ( LVL 83), Eggplant parmesan (LVL 99), Cucumber sandwich (LVL 79), Cucumber smoothie (LVL 70), Broccoli soup (LVL 87)!

    How about that! Some tasty new products! Did you guess them in yesterday's sneak peek?


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    Enjoy the new products and the ending of this video.

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    Nice work Nick,

    Fingers crossed for some new land tomorrow
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    Ya new land would be cool! Excited about new stuff!
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    really good, no jam, that's what i was afraid ;-) ... but i already love all the new products ... monday will be a production day ;-) in the evening
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    The problem with adding more and more products on machines, is that you cant make enough for the need you have.

    It is already hard to keep enough stock and yes i do not have any plans to make a other farm to be able to get more.

    Ofc it is nice we get more products just wish they where on a new machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fifio View Post
    The problem with adding more and more products on machines, is that you cant make enough for the need you have.
    My solution to that is to make what I want. If a townie or truck or boat order wants it I can certainly fill it. If not it goes in my RSS and shoppers happily buy it.

    I gave up trying to keep up with demand a long time ago.
    And gosh I still love this game!

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