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    Ya new land would be cool! Excited about new stuff!
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    More slots in machines. Give us new products? We need more slots and less production time in those products. I won’t bother listing the outrageous production times on juice and jam. It’s just beyond comprehension how we are to keep up in the game.

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    Wonder if these new products will be added to the derby ?

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    Even if the new products dont exists in the 'Derby "( we dont know if they do yet )
    Will more products spread out the Barn and produce capacity on more objects , and make it HARDER to do Derbys and to help and assist
    people ! that is sure .
    If they dont do as Bestjuior say and short down the produce time on things .

    Have put in the Word ' Derby " where I miss it earlier ,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyngby View Post
    Even if the new products dont exists in the ( we dont know if the do yet )
    Will more products spread out the Barn and produce capacity on more objects , and make it HARDER to do Derbys and to help and assist
    people ! that is sure .
    If they dont do as Bestjuior say and short down the produce time on things .
    This post is telling you about the new products that will be coming in the next update. Yes they will exist.
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    Looks epic! Nice to see new items added to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abb3w View Post
    tl;dr -- Demand inherently exceeds supply, probably by design; but the excess mostly seems balanced.

    There are six or seven sources for crop/product demand in the game.

    The first is "other players". However, players generally only buy crops/products for reselling to another source of demand, or making other products to sell to another such source; as such, in economics parlance they function mostly as "middlemen" rather than "consumers". (Players who routinely engage in "stacking" as strategy may be considered act as a very slight source of demand for products each time they increase their barn. The effect of this seems negligible, as they will cheerfully stock bread, eggs, or other relatively cheap common goods.) Players do act as a source of demand for barn hardware, silo hardware, and town hardware, as these are used up making "capital" improvements that are not resold in-game; however, this is incidental to the current analysis about new crops/products.

    Relatedly, players may choose to feed milk to cats and kittens; bacon to dogs and puppies; carrots to horses, rabbits, and donkeys; and wheat bundles to sanctuary animals. This pays no coins, but has a chance of yielding various manners of "rare item" hardware. This quasi-demand is relatively negligible in overall impact, but mentioned for completeness.

    The actual sources of demand are the NPC farm passersby, the farm truck board, the boat, the occasional NPC purchase from Greg/Tom at the roadside stand, and the NPC town visitors -- as these "consume" the goods sold. Passersby ordinarily pay purely in coins, at around 2 to 2.5 times base price (although this is higher during some special events). Truck orders "pay" in a mix of coins and XP (and the occasional voucher or special event bonus goodies), with a bonus for production mastery stars on a machine; the non-bonus multiplier for coins alone is lower than for passersby (circa 1.2?), but tends higher than base price. Boats pay base price (1.0, outside of double boat coin special events), plus experience, vouchers, and boat points toward leaderboard status. NPC RSS visitors buy one box of items at up to 3.6 times base price, although rarely; they serve as a very limited source of an economic "greater fool" for players. Finally, town visitors pay in a mix of coins, XP, and reputation.

    Presuming a player isn't spending diamonds to increase demand, demand from RSS NPCs, boats, and town visitors are substantially time-limited. However, the truck board has a total demand limit vastly higher than any farm's production capacity. By level 100, there are a total of 41 production machines (excluding the mine), each of which may have a 15% bonus to speed, plus occasional booster bonuses... but only 24 hours per day. This works out somewhere around 1160 potential machine-hours per day (although the last five require severe insomnia or a very, very clever bot to turn from potential to actual). A truck order takes approximately 30 seconds to complete. In theory, an insomniac player with access to unlimited supply could fill 2880 truck orders per day. Circa level 150, a single truck order may easily use products representing 15 hours of time from various production machines. It thus seems demand from truck boards exceeds farmers' supply by about a factor of 36. (This seems likely some function of level.)

    Secondarily, the demand from NPC passersby stopping at the house is effectively unlimited in size. It's a function of what you have in your barn/silo, with them randomly asking for about 50-75% of what you have on hand at some point prior to their approach to your farm, or "lots" of what you lack any of. (The latter tendency is potentially somewhat exploitable by clever neighbors working closely together.)

    These time limits on demand apply similarly for crops grown in fields, and for animal products like eggs, milk, bacon, wool, and goat milk. (There seems no direct demand for honeycomb; although I suspect an absurdly large supply of it on hand might potentially have a chance to attract a NPC passerby, I don't recall ever seeing such.)

    However, the "law of supply and demand" talks about demand as a function of PRICE. Most players sell most things in their RSS at the maximum 3.6x multiplier; relatively few things sell for "base" price. There's some effective medium of exchange elasticity between coins, XP, vouchers, and leaderboard points; but the net effect seems that most players ignore most truck board orders, and focus on the more bounded demands from boat, town, and the roadside stand.

    Back to the original issue -- judging by results, the HayDay dev team has put some significant effort into making sure demand from these sources is somewhere near balanced with the production capability of a farm (although some town visitor requests seem absurd). So, when they introduce new products, they also introduce new demand for those new products -- which in the case of demand from boats and townies likely means some decrease in the demand for other products.

    Further, it seems they have on occasion introduced new machine products to help re-balance the game. I suspect sanctuary animals consuming "wheat bundles" and the "rustic bouquet" products for market were an effort to deal with the wheat/indigo saturation prevalent at the time. Doing this increased effective demand for those overproduced crops. I also suspect that some of the special events (boosting "random" machines, all or "random" crop production, et cetera) are done to help keep this balance despite idiot players occasional irrational fixation on producing foomatic widgets despite a supply glut on foomatic widgets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
    This post is telling you about the new products that will be coming in the next update. Yes they will exist.
    I *think* what he meant was we don’t know if the new products will be required for the Derby.

    Going by last time, they will be requested products for this Derby.

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    New Products

    I always love new products, thanks HayDay!

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