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    Quote Originally Posted by wuppy49 View Post
    Hey, how are u doing? I was just wondering how do you get 2 silos and barns?
    Speaking for myself, I create a baby farm and use Supercell ID to toggle between two farms on one Android device.
    What the hell?
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    Thank you so much sweet Supercell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobbitly View Post
    Were gonna need a bigger silo

    Hobbitly, this is wonderful. Thank you for the laughter.

    We need additional fields, too; please SC! Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hobbitly View Post
    Were gonna need a bigger silo

    Haha! I'd recognize that scene anywhere!
    Thank you TerMinus for the awesome Sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobbitly View Post
    Were gonna need a bigger silo

    Hahahaa yes we are!
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    Thank you, SC, for the wonderful game and introducing new things. Thank you for trying to fix all bugs and listening to many players as well. The new crops are not my favourite but i still enjoy something new.

    Just my 2 cents amongst an ocean of complaints here on forum and on facebook.

    Love the game totally (even if not 100% tailored to my personal wishes)!! 😊😊😊

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    Hm. Thinking about it...

    Currently, there are crops boosters available for Soy, Sugarcane & Indigo; Pumpkins, chili peppers & cotton; Tomatoes, strawberries & potatoes; and Onions, rice & lettuce. There are presently no boosters to speed growth on wheat, corn, carrots, sunflowers, bell peppers, tea, peonies, grapes, mint, or watermelon; nor of course for the new crops of Pineapple, Cucumber, Broccoli, and Eggplant.

    It seems likely that the lack of a booster for wheat, corn, or carrots is a deliberate function of game balance, due to their short growing times (and the tendency of the Daily Dirt to have epic stupid lots of them). However, this leaves eleven crops with growing times longer than 20 minutes that are not yet on any boosters. Are there new boosters for some of these potentially forthcoming? Possibly even some lurking in Greg's holiday calendar?
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    I would love to see crabs come to the fishing area. We can make crab cakes, crab stew/soup, stemmed crabs, soft shell crab sandwhich. Is there a suggestion forum I have numerous other suggestions, like an orchard type thing kinda like frontierville had to store all the trees and bush crops to free up space in the silo, we can have blueberries there is an unlimited possibility of things to make with blueberries.

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    I love updates...but, yall definitely need to fix the ones that were recently put in place. Helps and about having it a little less difficult to increase barn and silo (require less to upgrade!)

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    L O L !!! Perfect ! Now I just need a "SHARK TANK" sponsor to buy me enough diamonds to be able to TRIPLE my barn and silo ! They are both daily big now, and have a baby backup farm, but OMG ..... HEY SC.... how about a Christmas present of say, a few thousand diamonds each, cuz it's not like my holiday budget can afford much more right now. This is getting really too much. Happy and sad...👄

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    When do these updates start? Im level 66 and have not gotten any of the ones from level 66 and below.

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