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    Quote Originally Posted by MaysCropsCartel View Post
    Can't think of anything besides ratatouille and hawaiian pizza 😂
    I was thinking broccoli cheese soup, cucumber salad(using olive oil, feta cheese, tomatoes, onions) pineapple sherbert, baked eggplant.... hmmmm exciting to think about!

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    Eggplant Parmesan in the Italian kitchen. Tzatziki or raita with the cucumber. I imagine the cucumber will be popular in the spa for facial masks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Momscar View Post
    I love the new crops, but where oh where will I put them all?? Time to love the silo!
    Oh God! Thatís right! .. they wonít fit in my silo!! ... just checked, Iím 1 nail and 1 screw away from upgrading my silo, I was keeping these sems for my baby farm, but now that I got a really really good friend called ďL botĒ, maybe itíll be a better idea to upgrade my silo.
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    My guess would be Hawaiian pizza broccoli cheese soup cucumber salad and grilled eggplant 🤷♥♀️ I dont know for sure but I do know I need a bigger silo than 🤦♥♀️

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    Four new crops = more squeezing of silo space and barn space for whatever they're used to make.

    What would be a great update for me this time would be (1) all bugs fixed and (2) some new decos. However, long term, big picture we keep asking for NEW CONTENT!

    I'm also worried that the puzzle piece I found in today's box is indicative of another mind numbing round of puzzle piece animals. I hope not! I finished the last round of puzzle pieces months ago. Talk about super boring, especially since we can only collect them as SC doles them slowly out. I am keeping my fingers crossed the puzzle piece was just because everyone gets the same thing whether you need it or not, and not because another round is coming.

    Fix the escalating bug problem
    Then: New. Content. Needed. Badly.
    New decos would be a nifty extra

    After all, you guys listen. Right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyngby View Post
    well well Good I have 2 Silos that can handel more stuff .
    And 2 barns that can handel more products we makes out of the crops .
    Unfortunately not many have that barn and silo capacity and will have a hard time .
    When do we get 2 silos! I need that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post

    It's time to kick off our Sneak Peeks for our Winter 2018 update!!

    Sneak Peek #1: New Crops - Cucumber (LVL 70), Pineapple (LVL 52), Eggplant (LVL 90) and Broccoli (LVL 83)!

    As a special sneak peek, the harvest times are: Cucumber 35 minutes, Pineapple 30 minutes, Eggplant 40 minutes, Broccoli 80 minutes!

    How about that!! Any wild guesses on what kind of products you will be able to produce with these new crops?

    Stay tuned for more to come!


    Really? Your last update all but destroyed the train function and made the game harder. I already canít meep up with nothing enough land or storage space. Thanks for nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nixfarm View Post
    When do we get 2 silos! I need that
    This person has 2 farms.

    I too would like more fields and I have 156 right now.

    I would never have asked for new crops because of how it’s going to put more stress on my silo. And the new products are going to put more stress on the barn. Not so bad for me because I have expanded them both so much. Going to be more of a challenge with those with smaller barns and silos.

    As it is the last few crops we got don’t get a lot of attention from me. And that’s fine. It’s just fun to grow and make something different.

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    ** Sorry, will try to remember to call it Eggplant in future to avoid any confusion**

    Love the look of the new crops!

    Broccoli is my all time favourite vegetable (I eat so much if it, it’s a wonder I’m not green!)

    LOVE even more the GROW TIME. It’s nice to have a different time (80 mins), a few new short ones (30/35/40) and no extra long ones, as the long ones (overnight ones basically) are killing me already.

    Yes, another silo & more fields would be GREAT, but I’m sure we’ll find a way to fit these in too.

    Broccoli, aubergine, cucumber & pineapple

    P. Hawian Pizza
    A. Grilled Aubergine
    B. Cheese, onion & broccoli pie
    P. Pineapple Upside Down Cake
    P. Pinapple Juice
    P. Pinapple ice lolly
    B. Broccoli Soup (hopefully veggie!)
    C. Green Gazpacho Soup (cold cucumber soup)
    C. Tzatziki Dip (cucumber)
    A. Baba Ganoush (aubergine dip)
    C. Cucumber Sushi
    A. Grilled Aubergine Salad
    A. Roast Veg Panini
    P C. Mixed blend smoothie
    A. Aubergine parmigiana
    B. Broccoli pasta bake

    16 - that’s plenty! I haven’t guessed any non food.

    Except, I’m going to read everyone else’s guesses now & will probably end up with 30! Let’s hope SC haven’t been quite that enthusiastic!

    *Sparkly*. I wouldn’t ASK for new crops either, my fields are hammered as it is, but I’m just going to embrace the chaos! I’ve given up thinking there’s a ‘sweet spot’ where it all just works so well! :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyngby View Post
    well well Good I have 2 Silos that can handel more stuff .
    And 2 barns that can handel more products we makes out of the crops .
    Unfortunately not many have that barn and silo capacity and will have a hard time .
    How do you get two barns and two silos??

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