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    Quote Originally Posted by mdcfc View Post
    The perfect update for me would be to just fix the many things that are broken, stop these dreadful miserly Derbys and give us our town tasks back.

    Please donít add anything more thatís going to cause even more errors and bugs
    My thoughts exactly. It might feel good to say "at least we're getting new stuff, we hope the bugs are fixed, thank you team Hay Day for updating this game", but that doesn't mean that thousands of customers aren't getting their money's worth.

    The thing I don't get is, why wait months to fix something as broken as the town's personal train? Why didn't supercell release an update if they've had a fix for a while now?

    Maybe they're afraid to introduce more bugs by releasing an update?

    I've been waiting for a while for some bugs and annoyances to get fixed. The L bot; mystery boxes spending diamonds without user action; buying things from shops without them appearing in my barn; various event glitches like today's truck event; the game crashing several times a day; trying to fill boat crates without anything actually happening etc.

    PS: the forum's search bar keeps popping up and the screen scrolling up while I'm typing on mobile. It's very annoying!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdcfc View Post
    Thing is Wussy, they don’t fix the old bugs before they introduce new ones!

    Nothing in the update is going to improve appalling drop rates in recent derbys, nor is it going to change the ridiculous lack of support we get from support, or the lack of interest in anything we post on here. Most of my friends have completely given up with support and the forum, because they feel it’s a total waste of time. Now we can see a list of who viewed a post in the last 14 days, it’s blindingly obvious that nobody with a Supercell staff logon like Nicks, even views the posts!

    Fixing town is all well and good, but we don’t even seem to get town tasks in the derby any more!

    There is so much that needs fixing about this game now, not least of all SC attitude towards its customers. After years of playing and running a top hood, I honestly struggle to see a bright side to the game now. Were it not for a stack of already purchased diamonds, and loyalty to my hoodies I’d have sacked this game already.
    totally with you steve!! id rather they fix all the current bugs and issues, and improve the task drop rates, before giving us another lame update. ive opted out again this week because i knew the task drop rate would be bad again. I've never heard my team complain about the board as much as they have this week. i feel bad for them. yet if we dont do all 320s, we risk 1st or 2nd place. theres already a team ahead of us doing all 320s.
    i will be opting out more frequently and buying less diamonds if the game keeps up the way it is. and like steve, if it werent for my loyalty to my hood, id be playing this game alot less right now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Momscar View Post
    I love the sneak peeks!!! I love that Team HayDay continues to give us fresh content despite the set-backs of having to fix glitches from a previous update.

    I would be more upset, if we didnít get new content, or Christmas decorations, or community suggested items, just because there are glitches, only to wait until Spring.

    While the glitches are a problem, I have figured out either a work around or just a way to not be bothered by them.

    I am am grateful for new content as well. There are bugs in everything, itís not a perfect world.
    Thanks SC!
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