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Thread: When is new BH coming?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacCoinnich View Post
    I can't wait for an extra minute of BM regeneration. At the moment I wait for a minute after it has healed, to build up a tolerance for the extra wait time level 30 will grant us.

    wait times for a PvP are absurd, but at a minimum the BM regen should be reduced to same as troops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctaire View Post
    The regeneration time on the BM is something that desperately needs attention. It should match the time it takes to fill the Army Camps. (Reality is there should be zero wait time, but that does not seem to be forthcoming anytime soon.)
    ^^^Agreed with this. Not sure why the wait exists, really, but at least matching would be nice.

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    I wish there wasn't such a huge restriction on obtaining loot in bh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypocharge View Post
    I wish there wasn't such a huge restriction on obtaining loot in bh.
    If there weren't, we would all be max. I have 10 wall segments left and I don't use books or hammers for bh nor do I buy the new bh packs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestro666 View Post
    SC was focusing on Main village for this year-new town hall, new troops, siege machines etc. However, 2019 should bring the focus on BB.
    There is a way to spend loot even if you are maxed by buying decorations.
    We already have BB events in clan games.
    Lack of seasonal troops is indeed an omission-but so is the absence of seasonal obstacles.
    Yeah, as 2017 focused a lot on BB and made it upto BH8
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