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Thread: Change mail.

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    Change mail.

    hello i would like to know how to change my email from supercell id because my current email is a and it's impossible to add with youtube i would like to use my gmail with which I pay all my transaction . thank you for your answer . Sry for my english...

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    Hello and welcome to the forums.

    The supercell id is only used for accessing your base, and should be kept private and not published in youtube, or elsewhere. I am not sure why you would want to associate it with youtube, or publish it for any reason allowed by the Terms of Service. Use a different email anyway to advertise in youtube, or your base tag, or anything else, but never your supercell id email.

    If you still want to change, only support in game (directions here) can change the email address associated with your supercell id.
    Beware, they will do it only one time, and assume you will have to prove your ownership.

    In case the above is too complicated to understand in your language, just tell us which language you prefer... well, I’d guess French would be preferred (due to the .fr) but who knows


    Ps: en Francais ne publie ton email supercell-id pour aucune raison. cet email est uniquement utilise pour se connecter, et ne sert aucunement pour contacter un joueur. utilise une autre addresse pour youtube ou autres sites, pas ton email supercell-id. conseil d’ami... si tu veux toujours changer, contact le support en ligne dans le jeu (lien ci-dessus).

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