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Thread: Are Alliances still beneficial?

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    Are Alliances still beneficial?

    With so many clans creating an additional clan or 2 - creating their own “Clan Family” so to speak, is creating an Alliance with other like clans still beneficial? Are many clans out there actively looking to do this?

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    I mean.. there are certainly alliances out there which are really successful (FWA etc.) but it is hard to do. Up to you

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    I think they help. Trying to get my clan into an alliance to help build members lol
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    There are advantages to clan alliances or families IMO. We are brother started as a single clan. We eventually brought a struggling clan with a solid core to our discord server and made them as a slightly "less serious" sister clan rather than a feeder. We grew into a family. Family members on the 1st half of a new town hall level stay in our sister clan to grow their account and skill at their new TH level. As account and skill level increase, family members advance to our primary war clan. Since adding that sister clan, we have added a third clan. We use that for family 50 v 50 monthly random spins and for TH 9s in SC CWL. We also keep our overflow minis there and have toyed with the idea of expanding once again. It has worked for us. It's very advantageous for recruiting purposes to recruit for 3 clans at one time. Also gives people options. War constantly or move to sister clan to farm while heroes are down or when real life requires more time. If done right it can work well.

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