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    Ideas for new troops

    Hello! Let's jump right in since most people don't like boring reading.

    1: Spread Cat

    This troop would attack many buildings at once at high damage and high speed. Although this may be powerful, it has about the health of a giant of matching level, and it does sleep for the first 10 seconds, and every minute it flies back into the dark grass for another 10 second nap. This troop takes 10 housing space, and cost dark elixir to train. The Spread cat looks like a CoC styled cat with large wings. The cat can be seen holding a barrel filled with dark elixir. It would use the hose connected to the front of the barrel to spray dark elixir, and automagically the hose would ignite the dark elixir to damage the buildings the Spray Feline would attack. (Dark Elixir is flammable hinted by the inferno tower.) The Spread Cat would attack up to 8 buildings.

    (Yes, the spread cat would be the Lava Hound's best friend.)

    The Spread cat would target everything, but will attack more important buildings if they are in range. It would be useful with lava Hound's and balloons, and also clean up. It could also help with healer based attacks, and it could possibly take out the artillery and giga Tesla if Giants are used. This troop can fit in with many troops, and could be called fe (lavafeloon), or spray (sprayloon, lavaloonspray). It would not be too OP due to it's health able to be depleted by some well placed traps or air defenses, even A towers could prove victorious. It would not help much with E drags due to them taking out defenses too fast, and yes this is a good thing since E drag needs to not be the meta. (This is the spread cat!)
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