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    Still searching for the hog rider in BB...
    Let's wait and see what the new content is before calling for a nerf. The balance has always seesawed a lot - first a new troop then a buff, then a nerf as the new troop gets OP...
    As long as we get new content things we be in fluid motion, which creates the real challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neptune01 View Post
    I can't understand the logic behind the massive defense buff in the last update, now that there are many maxed th12 bases it is becoming clear that defense is too powerful especially with the new inferno and the HORRIBLE tornado trap...
    giga tesla is already too powerful and OP....I think SC acted prematurely and didn't let defense catch up to offense to see the real balance...

    couple of months ago there was hardly any maxed out th12 but now they are everywhere and the true power of defense can be measured against offense.. even back then 3 stars were not overwhelming but now its again 2 star gameplay very boring.. when defense is too strong there is hardly any separation of players based on skill because no matter how good you are its more than likely to end up with 2 stars on maxed bases only % damage might be different...

    especially ground armies are really struggling, hogs are out of picture, miners are rarely useful.. healers didnt get new level to compensate for such massive defense buff to help with queen walks and with third inferno queen walk is really hard on well designed bases.

    So what I propose is either a buff to offense including buff to hogs, healer, miner, and witch. or alternatively nerf the inferno tower ( both multi and single need damage nerf) and also nerf the giga tesla damage...

    ** by the way im not a noob, i have 5 years of experience in hardcore war clans and im currently in a all max th12 war clan so no need to tell me to learn attack skills...I have a fully maxed account (60/60/30) and this is my honest judgment of current balance at high level of gameplay
    Game is always been a swing from offence to defence and then back again, just wait for Dec update, might have offence included.

    Ps. Did you join the forums just to make this post? You must have very strong thoughts on this issue to make a forum account after playing for 5 years.
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    I think attacking up is too easy because if you make an anti 3 star base it is often easily 2 starred by a attacker that is one level below you. Now that I think about it I miss the time when th10 was the top th and wars we two star battle at the top. I might be pretty alone with this opinion... Attacking up was just scouting then not a serious attack.

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    people complained soooo much about the op seige machines so sc nerfed them harshly for them before many had actual max th12,(lv3 now is weaker than lv1 originally was) now more people have max th12 and instead of asking for seiges returned to prenerf or new troop lvs, you ask for a defense nerf that would make it easier for a th11 to take down a moderate th12. th12 defenses are strong for a reason. what we really need imho is more th12 offense and more th12 defense to make th11 even less likely to 2 star a max th12 and make th12vs12 more important
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    So what your saying is every attack wins and get 2 stars and you think offense is weak? Maybe itís your expectation thatís the issue whatís the point of even upgrading your defense if you just always get 3 stared? If anything itís not defensive enough... Its hard for me to understand your position when I can look at leader boards and see things like 200 offensive wins 4 defensive wins... the idea that winning vs losing is 2 vs 3 stars is just not in the same world Iím in. It should be very hard to 3 star a good base with maxed defense. So I guess thatís just a difference in opinion in my opinion making so anyone can 3 star any base defeats the entire idea of upgrading your defense and by extension even playing the game.
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    Wait for the update. Offensive ability will always overcome defenses. How easy or hard SC makes that happen we will see in the future. If no new troops, I would expect more troop balancing in the December 2018 update. TH12 was maybe almost unreasonable with electro drag you complain the 3rd Inferno makes it too hard, maybe not, but is your attacking expectation one of maybe a 3 star and not a more reasonable 2 star attack? A 2 star is not the end of the world.

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    Well, itís going to sound very much unlike my historical posts, and perhaps it is because I remember how incredibly difficult it was to get 3 stars on max TH10, and then 11. After the most recent updates I feel like the game finally has a reasonable balance at the end. Even with the added Tesla and tornado trap the war game at TH 12 still rewards creative mixed troop attacks and punishes poor base design.

    The tiny adjustments we have had in the past year look to me like S.C. developers have got the pace and magnitude of game tuning just right. I am still in it after all these years, learning from my mistakes, scratching my head when attacks go wrong and analyzing the replay till I understand how I can do better. I am using troops I wondered why I upgraded after TH9 again.

    For a long time I was playing a perma9 because the rewards for good attacks were consistent while my feeling about my max 10 and 11 was that 3 stars were all but impossible except for those that were less than honest in their gameplay. The additions of new troop levels and types along with fine tuning existing troop and defense mechanics as new defenses are added has led us to this point, a game that feels about right at the end game.

    I am running 2 TH12 now as that is where the game feels the most fun. It is challenging to obtain 3 but does not feel anything like the old days pre-inferno change. I hate seeing the 5* TH12 melt my troops and then having the gigabomb finish every last bowler in the core. But I know I have tools to offset the massive DPS a max TH12 puts out. If the 5* TH wrecks my attack early thatís on me for poor planning.

    Seriously, after the TH12 update old troops and spells that were dead to us in the end game are suddenly interesting and quite useful again.

    TLDR summary for the attentionally impaired: I have to disagree, after the history of massive swings in defense and attacking strength IMO the game as it is right now feels very nearly right.
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    the 3 star hit rate for 12v12 is around 28% in CWL. Thats pretty fair IMO. 11v11 is 39% and 10v10 is 41% - no need to change anything

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    I seem to recall having a harder time dealing with max 11s when that's all there was then dealing with max 12's today. And i dont even have my king maxed yet. Not saying i triple max 12s because i have not, but i have attacked them in war and felt like if i was a little better i might have a chance. Never felt that way when i was an 11 (i'm talking pre-IT nerf).

    Now the tornado trap .. I feel like that is OP. In the right spot (yes a small caveat here), can totally ruin attacks like when we had the shrink trap. Its a crippling attack in CWL.

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