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Thread: Clan War League Miss Match

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    Quote Originally Posted by arnao View Post
    I understood that if you have 4 or less TH 11 you will not get match with a clan with more than 4. We have 3 TH 11 and our day 1 match up has 8 TH 11. That is grossly unbalanced and unfair. This needs to be fixed.
    You are talking about "estimated" spin results for random (classic) war spins. This is cwl. It is working fine, so long as they are in your tier (which is the only criteria required for cwl).

    Quote Originally Posted by Amenztothat View Post
    #yuluvygu new squad, started at 4pm and starts at 4pm, we're severely out matched, how do I fix this
    You can only "fix this" by dropping a tier next season, if you are outmatched in every round this season. Posting clan tag and start time is irrelevant for cwl.

    Guys, its cwl. There is no weighted system. There is no matching. You are placed with 7 random clans from within your tier level. If the 7 clans are in your tier then its how the system works.
    Forget anything you know about random (classic) spin for cwl. Initial entry (clans first season) will use the weight of the 15 biggest accounts to place the clan into a tier. There isnt even any matching done here, it simply uses the weight for tier. Then 7 randoms.
    Eventually the clan will settle into winning half their wars, as others have said. But hall parity will never appear in cwl, as it is "actual performance " that governs results, rather than weight. Heavier is better, but not everyone can attack well.

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    oh God, here we go again.

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