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Thread: Need Advise For Such Bases

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    Lightbulb Need Advise For Such Bases

    Hello Folks ...
    I need help regarding attack strategy ,which can confirm 3 Star on such bases...I HAve MAx AQ BK AND GW...
    Just seeking for suggestions ...

    Thanks For Your Valuable Suggestions and time..

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    QW nd bw to create a funnel from both top right nd left side. Then send ww (valk), bk, gw & few bowlers in the core. Hopefully 3* 🙂

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    I like a qw lalo or suicide herolalo what is in the cc

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    Eddies all the way. All the buildings are compressed and ripe for chain lightning. Start 2 in each bottom corner. Once they have cleared out enough cannons/archer towers start the wall wrecker going using it to take out the air defense and drop your heroes in behind it. Put the rest of your eddies/loons evenly on both sides. Take 4 freezes, 4 rages and 1 poison with you. Have 8 loons in your wall wrecker. You should have 50% wrecked by the time you get it into the core and a couple of freeze and 1 rage you can destroy the centre of that base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conan4200 View Post
    what is in the cc
    Two max dragons

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    That base is so 2015. Queenwalk with late valks or miners will flatten that base in under two minutes.

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    I think laloon good for that layout

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